Etna and Alcantara Gorges Excursion

Mount Etna is an active volcano on the island of Sicily, known for its eruptions and breathtaking scenery. The Alcantara Gorges are one of the main attractions of Etna, one of the largest canyons in Sicily, created by the waters of the Alcantara and the volcano’s eruptions.

The Alcantara Gorges are an incredible attraction and offer a unique view of Mount Etna. The view is breathtaking and the wilderness of the place creates a magical atmosphere. You can explore the canyon by walking, swimming and rafting on the spectacular rivers that flow through the canyon

Etna and Alcantara Gorges Excursion

This Etna and Alcantara Gorge excursion will start in Suv or minivan (up to 8 people) and then proceed off-road. First stop on our tour is an off-road route to the lava front of 10/27/ 2002, the largest eruption in the last twenty years that destroyed the ski facilities at Piano Provezana and much of the Ragabo Pine Forest.

We then proceed to the starting point of the trek and our hike will continue on foot. It will start at an altitude of 1650 meters and go up to an altitude of 1750 meters.

Sartorius Mountains Craters

We will walk along an easy path, among birch trees and button crater sides, the Sartorius Craters, on the northeastern slope of Etna. The Sartorius Mountains are part of a well-known scenic route and originated from the 1865 eruption on Mount Etna’s northern slope, named after German volcanologist Wolfgang Sartorius. It is a route suitable for any hiker and is one of the first Nature trails marked by Etna Park: they consist of seven button craters that now characterize the largely still barren landscape, but in which life is slowly sprouting again. Once at the top we will reach a number of vantage points from which to admire: to the west Monte Frumento delle Concazze, at an elevation of 2,151 m, one of Etna’s largest craters; in front the Ionian Sea and the Nebrodi and Peloritani mountain ranges.

Cave of Thieves

Before we begin our descent, we will visit the Cave of Thieves, a lava flow tunnel into which- equipped with helmets and flashlights-we will enter to discover its formation and history. It is a tunnel of lava origin, easy to reach and visit, located at Piano delle Donne at 1,540 meters above sea level. The cave was excavated by the hand of man, as evidenced by the date engraved on a rock at the entrance, above: 1776. In addition to making steps and widening what used to be a lava flow tunnel, some holes were drilled in the vault to allow the introduction of snow. Centuries ago, Etna’s inhabitants used these caves to store snow during the winter months.

Lunch break

We will then stop at a local deli for lunch break: included in the price you will have a first or second course, drink and coffee.

The Alcantara Gorge

After lunch, drive through Castiglione di Sicilia: it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, with features similar to a medieval village, famous today for its wineries that produce an excellent Etna Doc. Our Etna and Alcantara Gorges excursion will come to an end with a visit to the Alcantara Gorges, located in the Alcantara Valley, also known as the Larderia Gorges, where the Peloritani mountain range ends in the municipalities of Castiglione di Sicilia and Motta Camastra (one of the places where some scenes of the famous film The Godfather were filmed.

The Alcantara Gorges are one of Etna’s main attractions. The lava rocks carved by rivers and waterfalls encountered along the way make for a unique experience. You can also enjoy the wonderful view of the volcano from the top of the canyons. In addition, you can enjoy a series of walks in the nature park, where you can see a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The Alcantara Gorge is an unforgettable experience that cannot be forgotten. The Sicilian landscape and the view of Mount Etna is something you cannot find anywhere else. A unique experience that offers spectacular views of Sicily and Mount Etna.

Etna and Alcantara Gorges Details

Adult price (10 years and older):

€80.00 per person

Children's price (3-10 years old):

€60.00 per person

Children (under 3 years old):


Departure time: 09.00 hours
Return time: 17.00 hours



max 1780 meters asl

Free upon request (within 30 km of Linguaglossa)

Upon request

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€ 80.00 per person

Children from 3 up to 10 years old € 60.00

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Etna and Alcantara Gorges Excursion

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