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The Godfather part 4

The fourth part of The Godfather

The fourth series of The Godfather was one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2020, directed once again by the legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola and streamed on the Paramount+ platform. The series was a critical and commercial success, maintaining the same quality and intensity as the original trilogy. The story takes place several

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Living Sicily

“Without Sicily you cannot get a complete idea of ​​Italy: this is where the key to everything is found”. Goethe If you think the Sicily is just an island like many others, you are very wrong. Sicily is a world enclosed in 25711 km²! From whatever point you look at it, it always amazes, and is always

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Then meeting will come to you the beautifulTrinacria island beaches, whereShe shepherds the flock of the Sun, shepherds the herd.(Homer, Odyssey) Legend tells us how Ulysses, returning to Ithaca, landed on the Island of the Cyclops where he was hosted by the frightening Polyphemus. The great Cyclops, forged inside the volcano Etna, the lightning bolts

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The return to the land

Every journey you experience it three times: when you dream it, when you live it, and when you remember it(Anonymous) In recent years in southern Italy there has been a countercultural trend by some young people who have decided to inherit their grandparents’ fields and pursue careers as agricultural entrepreneurs by cultivating them as they

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Stone Jewelry

………Prima, faintly, mid-morning. Then, in the very early afternoon, the rumble of a tremendous tremor, with a magnitude today measured in 7.4 degrees. According to the currently most widely accepted thesis, the epicenter is off the coast between Augusta and Catania, about 20 kilometers deep along the Hyblean-Maltese escarpment. People on land, terrified, flee to

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Alcantara gorges prices

Alcatara Gorge prices The ticket to enter using the public staircase costs €1.50 children do not pay. If you prefer to take an elevator there is a private entrance and the cost is €8. November through March are closed Book Alcatara gorges how to reach them The Gorges of the ‘ Alcantara are located in

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