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Do you want to discover the most beautiful places in Sicily? Dream Island offers you the best excursions. ✓ Etna ✓ Alcantara Gorges ✓ Aeolian Islands!

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Adventure and relax guaranteed! Etna Trekking, visit to the Grotta dei Ladroni and the Alcantara Gorges!

€ 80 p.p.


Etna Jeep Tour With Pick-up

Etna jeep tour by off-road vehicle is an excursion that in just half a day will take you to discover a…

€ 60 p.p.

A journey to discover Sicilian gastronomic culture and the secrets of the highest active volcano…

€ 120 p.p.

Our Etna and Alcantara quad bike tours (ATVs) offer a unique and exciting experience…

Starting from

€ 50 / quad


Mount Etna Helicopter Tour

The Etna Helicopter Tour is the most exciting way to discover Etna, with its thousands of views…

Starting from

€ 1200 p.p.


Taormina and Isola Bella Boat Tour

A relaxing Taormina and Isola Bella boat tour along the bay of Giardini Naxos and the Taormina coast….

€ 25 p.p.

Etna and the Sunset from the top of the 2002 Craters.
Sun, sea and volcano.

Starting from

€ 80 p.p.


Etna summit craters excursion

Etna is the active volcano on the island of Sicily, known for its eruptions and the breathtaking…

Tour del Padrino, film Il Padrino

Godfather Tour

You will pass through ancient villages, vineyards and olive groves and discover flavors and ancient culinary traditions…

€ 120 p.p.


Horseback Riding Etna Volcano or Alcantara Valley

Horseback riding on Mount Etna is a unique experience that offers the opportunity to enjoy…

Starting from

€ 25 p.p.


Alcantara Body Rafting and River Trekking

In the heart of the Alcantara Gorges Botanical and Geological Park you will make a load of adrenaline…

Starting from

€ 39 p.p.


Aeolian Islands Mini Cruise

On this mini cruise you will visit one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world, that of the Aeolian…

€ 40,50 p.p.


Etna Wine Tasting With Lunch

Wine production for millennia has been on Etna, the ideal place for growing wine…

Starting from

€ 90 P.P.​


Excursion Taormina and Castelmola

The first stop is Taormina, the pearl of the Mediterranean. They will visit Palazzo Corvaja, the Ancient…

Starting from

€ 80 p.p.


Excursion Syracuse and Noto

With this full day Syracuse and Noto excursion, Dream Island will allow you to immerse yourself..

Starting from

€ 100 p.p.

Trekking Vulcano Isole Eolie

Trekking Vulcano Aeolian Islands

Trekking Vulcano Aeolian Islands is a unique experience for visitors to this magnificent Italian region…

Starting from

€ 115 p.p.

Tour Catania

With this half-day tour, Dream Island will let you discover the beautiful city of Catania in all its…

Starting from

€ 80 p.p.


Cyclops Riviera Mini-Cruise

With this half-day excursion, Dream Island will take you to discover the places related to the…

Starting from

€ 80 p.p.

Free cancellation

5 star on TripAdvisor!

No prepayment

Etna and Alcantara Gorge Excursions

Visiting the volcano Etna
The volcano Etna is 3300 meters high. It is possible to visit the volcano from both the south side (Rifugio Sapienza) and the north side (Piano Provenzana). The north side is known for its ruggedness and the contrast between nature, forest and lava flows.

Etna Nord – Piano Provenzana
The most recent lava flow that can be visited is the one from the 2002 eruption on the north side at Piano Provenzana. Other beautiful craters that can be visited are the ‘Monti Sartorius’.

Because of the devastating 2002 eruption, the north side is much less touristy. They are still rebuilding. However, this means a unique and robust view of the Etna volcano, far from mass tourism.

Etna Sud – Rifugio Sapienza
South Etna, on the other hand, is very touristy is more developed. The best-known attraction on Mount Etna is the Etna cable car. This cable car takes you from Rifugio Sapienza at 1900 meters to 2500 meters on the Etna volcano.

The most visited craters on the south side are the Silvestri craters, which are right next to the road that takes you to Rifugio Sapienza. And then the 2001 crater that you can visit by taking the cable car.

Alcantara Gorges
The Alcantara Gorge is a beautiful natural area that you should definitely visit if you are in the area. The gorge is just a stone’s throw from Mount Etna volcano and Taormina. The Alcantara Gorge is like a canyon of lava rocks into which frozen water flows. Various excursions are organized in the river, such as body rafting or trekkings.

Cities to visit
Besides the volcano Etna, there are also several beautiful cities that are definitely worth a visit. For example, Syracuse, Noto, Taormina and Catania.

Dreamisland is your tour operator. Let us know which places in Sicily you would like to visit, and we will give you customized recommendations for excursions to the Etna volcano, the Alcantara Gorges, and to visit the most beautiful cities!


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