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Castello di Donnafugata, Modica, Ragusa Ibla
Castle of Donnafugata: the building covers an area of ​​about 2500 square meters and a large neo-gothic
style façade, crowned by two side towers. The
castle, divided over three floors, has over 120
rooms, of which about twenty are now accessible
to visitors. Visiting the rooms that still contain the
furniture and the original furniture of the time, it
almost seems like taking a leap into the past, in the
age of the last "gattopardi". Around the castle
there is a large and monumental park of 8
hectares. It counted over 1500 plant species and various "distractions" that had to cheer and entertain
guests, such as the circular temple.

Modica is a small town located in the Val di Noto,
characterized by small houses leaning against each other,
narrow streets, bell towers, baroque churches and stairways.
But Modica is also famous for chocolate, worked following an
ancient Aztec recipe, which prevents organoleptic alteration
and enhances the taste of cocoa. Tasting Modica chocolate is a
true sensory experience. On this tour, in addition to visiting the
town, you can see the chocolate factory and taste this
In the evening we will visit Ragusa Ibla: the southernmost city
of Italy has a unique baroque charm. Unmissable places to cover such as baroque churches, sumptuous
palaces, romantic alleyways and little-known corners in Ragusa. Since 2002 Ragusa has become part of the
UNESCO list, with 18 sites declared World Heritage Sites.
Dinner at the hotel and overnight

Natural Reserve of Vendicari and
Inside the Vendicari Nature Reserve, an entire ecosystem
lives undisturbed.
Frequently you will find yourself in front of breathtaking
landscapes, thick vegetation that suddenly opens up to a
crystalline sea, to long and golden beaches, which in a few
hundred meters become rocks overhanging a deep sea.
From the observation huts you can admire Flamingos,
Herons, Storks that stop here before reaching the final migratory destinations. You can admire the famous
tonnara and the Sveva tower.


In the afternoon we will visit Marzamemi, a small tourist
village full of history and culture.
Dinner at the hotel and overnight

Noto and Ortigia
Noto is not only one of the most beautiful baroque cities in Sicily
but also a UNESCO heritage site. Originally Noto was located
north of the current city in the valley of the river Asinaro and
was the capital of the provinci of Syracuse. Following the
destruction due to the earthquake of 1693 it was entirely rebuilt
by the architects Gagliardi, Labisi, Mazza and Sinatra, who
created the amappa of the new city.

Lunch in Noto

The islet of Ortigia is the historical heart of the city of
Syracuse. It extends over an area of ​​one square kilometer,
where it is possible to admire the architectural beauties of
different historical periods: from prehistoric remains to
numerous signs of Greek, Byzantine and Norman culture.
Today Ortigia shines with its own light.

Dinner at the hotel and overnight or departure