Mount Etna Tours and Excursions – Etna jeep tour

Half day

Mount Etna tours and Excursions

Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe. With this Mount Etna tours, we will visit some of its craters and its volcanic caves. This Etna off-road tour is an excursion that in just half a day will take you to discover one of the most enchanting landscapes of Sicily: the unique thrill of an Etna off-road tour cannot be missing in a holiday.


The Mount Etna Tours and Excursions| Etna 4×4 Excursions- Etna jeep tour

It starts in a minivan (up to 8 people) and then proceeds by Jeep between ancient skiing (lava flows) up to the 2002 lava front. Then, through the Ragabo pine forest, you will reach the starting point of the trek. Our excursion, Mount Etna  tours, will continue on foot. From an altitude of 1650 meters up to an altitude of 1700 meters we will walk among the paths of birch trees and lateral craters called the Sartorius mountains, born from the eruption of Etna in 1865. The road we will travel to reach the peaks of the volcano is the famous Mareneve (recognized by National Geographic among the 70 most evocative routes to travel). Once you reach the top you can admire the Ionian Sea, the mountain ranges of the Nebrodi and the Peloritani. Before starting the descent, we will visit a lava flow cave, the “Cave of the robbers”, equipped with helmets and torches. If you want to experience an unforgettable day in which, in addition to enjoying the evocative scenery of Etna, you can also taste its scents and flavors, then we recommend you to book one of our two excursions ” Mount Etna excursion and wine tastings – Etna and Wine” or “Mount Etna tour and excursions the gorges of Alcantara”.

Mount Etna Tours and Alcantara Gorges

After having guided you off-road among the mythical ravines of Mongibello, the “Mount Etna tours and Alcantara gorges” will lead you to the gorges of the ancient Alcantara river. The formation of its bed dates back to about 300,000 years ago, but the current appearance of the gorges dates back to about 8,000 years ago. Between Etna and Taormina, the gorges are located in an area affected by volcanic phenomena linked to the activity of the volcano. The numerous lava flows and the millennial course of the waters have created a unique landscape, forming rocky walls of basaltic prisms crossed by deep irregular fractures (some even chaotic) which, intersecting, form prismatic structures of various configurations: a “woodpile” (arranged horizontally), “harp” (slightly arched), “rosette” (radial pattern). The most regular formations are vertical, “organ pipe”. If, on the other hand, you are a lover of pure adrenaline and you think that a simple off-road excursion to Etna is not enough, then you just have to try the Etna Summit Craters excursion

 Mount Etna excursion and wine tasting – Etna and Wine

It is one of the best-selling excursions. After visiting some of the most emblematic views of Mount Etna, we will move to the discovery of an authentic Sicilian wine district. From an altitude of 1400 to an altitude of 500 mt., on the ancient streets of small villages with a strong wine-growing vocation (such as Castiglione di Sicilia, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy) and the most representative vineyards of Etna’s oenology. In fact, it is to these vineyards that we owe the oldest denomination of DOC wines In the “Mount Etna Tours and Etna wine tasting” you will enjoy an authentic Sicilian lunch accompanied by the best Etna D.O.C wines. In fact, we will be hosted in the prestigious and ancient estate of the family Barone-Di Miceli, where an informal sommelier – with the tasting of five wines, a passito and a grappa – will delight our palate with the best of Etna grapes and vines.


Mount Etna excursion to the Summit Craters

Pure emotion, an off-road ascent up to 3000 meters and then the last 350 meters on foot to the edge of the Central Crater. Unique experience, from the sandy to the rocky area and once you reach the crater, the lunar environment, the sulphuric fumaroles, the breathtaking view. Currently there are four summit craters, the Voragine, the Bocca Nuova, the North-East Crater, (it has existed since 1911 and is currently the highest point of Etna 3330 m), and finally the South-East Crater. Warnings:The excursion is absolutely forbidden to heart patients, asthmatics, and hypertensive patients. This exclusion is also subject to variation in case of volcanic activity.

Helicopter-Tour over Etna

With this half-day excursion, you will enjoy a breathtaking view at high altitude.  Etna Helicopter tour  is the most exciting way to discover Etna, with its thousands of views, slopes and shades of colours.
Your pilot will fly over the most beautiful places of Etna.
You could choose between three or more flight routes: Etna, Etna & Taormina, Volcano Tour are the bestsellers!

  • Off-road up to the lava front of 2002, through the Ragabo pine forest
  • Trekking on the lateral button craters called Craters Sartorius on the north-east side of Etna
  • Visit to a lava flow cave



Departure time


Return time



  • Adult (ages 10 and up): € 60,00
  • Teenagers (aged 3 to 10): € 45,00
  • Children (under 3 years): Free of charge

Tour duration

5 hours

Path length

4,5 km


 1650-1780 mt


All year rounds



What is included

  • Transport
  • Guide
  • Insurance
  • Visit to a cave
  • Off road
  • Trekking
  • Shoes on request
  • Sticks
  • Helmet
  • Torch
  • Water bottle

What to bring (recommended equipment)

Hiking/gym shoes, bag, hat

Means of transport

  • Suv or minivan
  • Trekking walks

Minimum number - Maximum number

  • Minimum number: 2
  • Maximum number: /




Free pick-up and drop-off are possible at the hotel or at a set point.