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Etna Summit Trekking Tour

With this full-day excursion, Dream Island will take you to the highest peak in Sicily!
After reaching the Rifugio Sapienza (1920m) by our SUV, we will reach 2500m by the cable car.
Then the ascent is done with 4×4 buses up to 2920m (authorized limit without guide).
It continues with an excursion to the 2002 crater, which overlooks the Valle del Bove, and with a trek to the summit craters at about 3340m.

Etna summit

Sono l’area centrale dell’attività vulcanica, attraverso loro avviene la persistente attività fumarolica dell’Etna e ad intervalli di tempo più o meno regolari sono sede di eventi esplosivi di varia tipologia ed energia come: attività stromboliane, fontane di lava, espulsione di ostruzioni del condotto, attività freatiche ecc., che modificano continuamente la morfologia, e l’altezza del vulcano. I crateri sommitali attulamente sono quattro, la Voragine e la Bocca NuovaCratere di Nord-Est, ( esiste dal 1911 ed è attualmente il punto più alto dell’Etna 3330 m), e infine il Cratere di Sud-Est.


The return is on foot till the point of 2500m, where we will take again the cable to return back at 1920m.
Trekking requires optimal physical conditions: those who have problems with tendons and ligaments, those who suffer from vertigo or heart disease, those who suffer from respiratory diseases cannot participate.


  • We will reach the altitude of 2500m on cable car.
  • Climb in group with 4 × 4 buses until reaching 2920m (authorized limit without guide).
  • Excursion to the crater of 2002, which overlooks the Valle del Bove, with a trek to the summit craters at about 3340m.
  • Return on foot up to an altitude of 2500m
  • Return by cable car, up to an altitude of 1920 m.



Departure time


Return time



  • Adult (ages 10 and up): € 140,00
  • Teenagers (aged 3 to 10): They are not allowed to go
  • Children (under 3 years): They are not allowed to go

Tour duration

7 hours

Path lenght

4 km


2900-3300 mt


All year rounds



What is included

Transport, guide, insurance, off road, trekking, shoes on request, water bottle, helmet, sticks, cable car and jeep ticket

What to bring (recommended equipment)

Hiking / gym shoes, bag, hat

Means of transport

  • Suv or minivan
  • Cable car
  • Jeep Unimog 4×4
  • Trekking walks

Minimum number - Maximum number

  • Minimum number: 2
  • Maximum number: /




Free pick-up and drop-off are possible at the hotel or at a set point.