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Alcantara gorges prices

Alcatara Gorge prices

The ticket to enter using the public staircase costs €1.50 children do not pay. If you prefer to take an elevator there is a private entrance and the cost is €8.

November through March are closed

Alcatara gorges how to reach them

Gorges of the

Alcantara are located
in Sicily in the province
Messina within the territory of the small hill town
Motta Camastra 20 minutes from Taormin

Alcatara Gorges see all-inclusive excursions

It is possible to take a full tour of the Alcantare Gorges and L’Etna by booking a Dream Island day excursion ” Etna and Alcantara Gorges Excursion “

at the price of € 80 inclusive You can pick up and drop off free of charge at your hotel or at a predetermined point at your accommodation from Catania to Taormina


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