Valle del Bove and Serracozzo Cave Excursion

On the Valle del Bove and Serracozzo Cave excursion, we will immerse ourselves in nature trails to discover these two beauties of mount Etna, the majestic volcano that reigns supreme over Sicily, offering an unparalleled experience for seasoned hikers!

Bove Valley and Serracozzo Cave Tour

Our tour to Valle del Bove and Serracozzo Cave is a high altitude adventure dedicated to the most experienced hikers. On this adventure in the heart of Etna Park, we will immerse ourselves in Etna’s nature: among nature trails, underground exploration of a lava flow tunnel “Serracozzo Cave”, and panoramic overlook of the immense “Bove Valley” with views of mount Etna’s Summit Craters.

Our adventure kicks off from the charming Rifugio Citelli, located at an altitude of 1740 meters, where the mountain air envelops us, preparing us for an extraordinary journey! Taking the path at the foot of the Refuge we will explore the impressive Serracozzo Cave at 1840 meters. We will continue along the trail until we reach a breathtaking panoramic overlook of the Valle del Bove called Belvedere di Serracozzo, at an elevation of about 2150 meters. Continuing along the ridge of the on the Bove Valley we will continue reaching about 2400m altitude, then return to the Refuge.

  • This hike is rated with difficulty E, so it is suitable for enthusiasts with more experience in challenging trails.
  • This hike is suitable for enthusiasts in good physical health; participation by people suffering from cardiovascular, respiratory or hypertension diseases is prohibited.
  • The itinerary is suitable for children over 12 years old. Participation is prohibited for women who are over three months pregnant.
  • The excursion may change at the discretion of the guide, depending on changing weather conditions. Our adventure will be carried out with the utmost attention to the safety of the group, so as to ensure an unforgettable experience without compromising the well-being of the participants.
  • We recommend bringing snacks or, even better, a packed lunch to have during a relaxing time of the hike. The tour can also be customized by adding lunch at an Etnean restaurant before returning.

Bove Valley and Serracozzo Cave Excursion Itinerary

Departure from Rifugio Citelli
  • The beginning of our route from Citelli Refuge (Rifugio Citelli), nestled in a forest of Pines and Birches, is an ode to the freshness of the mountain air. Here the first rays of the sun greet us, anticipating the excitement of what lies ahead.

  • Passing through the birch, chestnut and pine forest and past the ruins of an old sheepfold with stone shelter, we enter the initial part of the 1971 lava flow. At an altitude of about 1830m asl, amidst the enchantment of the surrounding nature, the entrance to Serracozzo Cave is revealed, located at coordinates: Longitude 15°02’54” and Latitude 37°45’16”.

Exploration of the Serracozzo Cave
  • The first stages of our hike follow well-marked trails, revealing the picturesque Serracozzo Cave. Among characteristic lava formations, the surreal landscape envelops us, introducing us to the unique charm of this underground environment.

  • This cavity, which is rheogenetic in nature, develops partly as a lava flow gallery and partly through fractures in the rock. Its characteristic “lock” shape stretches for about 350 meters, with a width varying between two and three meters.
    The floor of the cave consists of layers of scoriaceous lavas, creating a striking contrast of textures. The cave walls have a partly opaque and partly glassy surface, adding further fascination to the exploration of this underground environment. A perfect opportunity to test our trekking endurance in uneven terrain.

Ascent to the Belvedere of the Valle del Bove
  • Continuing the ascent along CAI trail 723, our trek will give us breathtaking views of the majestic Bove Valley (Valle del Bove). This immense natural amphitheater, sculpted by Etna’s past eruptions, amazes us with its vastness.

  • From the Valle del Bove lookout, specifically in the area called Belvedere di Serracozzo, there is an incredible sight before us: the moonscape of the Valle del Bove, with special rocks and signs of past volcanic eruptions. An experience that challenges the endurance of our ability to trek over uneven terrain and invites total reflection on the grandeur of nature.

  • Panoramic photographs and moments of contemplation make this last stop unforgettable, in the background we can only admire the imposing Etna summit craters that crown the volcano.

  • The trail continues for a few kilometers in the direction of Pizzi Deneri at an altitude of 2800 meters, from there it is possible to follow a new route to the summit craters of the Etna North slope, an itinerary for the most trained and experienced hikers.

  • We will continue along the trail on the edge of the Bove Valley until we reach about 2400m altitude, here our adventure will end. Retracing our steps we will reach Rifugio Citelli where we can enjoy our well-deserved rest.

Bove Valley and Serracozzo Cave Excursion Details

  • Price (ages 12 and up): € 100.00 per person
  • Departure time: 09:00
  • Return time: 14:00
  • The total duration of the hike may vary depending on the pace
  • April to May:
    Variable weather and temperatures, we recommend winter clothing with layers and hiking shoes.
  • June to September: Warm temperatures, we recommend summer clothing with t-shirt, pants or shorts, hiking shoes. However, we suggest bringing a light jacket or K-way in case of wind or passing rain. Optionally, to protect yourself from the sun, you can bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • October: Variable weather and temperatures, we recommend winter clothing with layers and hiking shoes.
  • November to March: We recommend winter clothing with a jacket, long pants, winter hat, and waterproof or hiking shoes.
Trekking info
  • Difficulty: medium-high
  • Length: about 6km
  • Maximum altitude: about 2400m asl
  • Height difference: about 500m
  • CAI trail: no.723 (in part)

All year round, only with favorable weather conditions

Pick up
  • Pick up available
  • Free upon request (within 30 km of Linguaglossa)
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€ 100.00 per person

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