Etna Summit Craters Excursion

Etna is the active volcano on the island of Sicily, known for its eruptions and the breathtaking landscapes it offers.

The summit craters are the central area of ​​volcanic activity, through them the persistent fumarolic activity of Etna takes place and at more or less regular time intervals they are the site of explosive events of various types and energies such as: Strombolian activity, lava fountains , ejection of conduit obstructions, phreatic activities, etc., which continuously modify the morphology and height of the volcano. There are currently four summit craters, the Voragine and the Bocca Nuova, the North-East Crater (existing since 1911 and is currently the highest point of Etna 3330 m), and finally the South-East Crater.

Etna Summit Craters Excursion

With this full-day excursion, Dream Island will take you to the highest peak of Mount Etna!

After reaching Rifugio Sapienza aboard our SUVs, we continue, first by cable car, up to an altitude of 2500 meters, then with 4×4 buses until we reach 2920m (authorized limit without a guide).

From here begins an Etna excursion to the 2002 crater, which overlooks the Valle del Bove, and then a trek to the summit craters around 3340m.

The return trip is on foot to elevation 2500m, the cable car return point, to elevation 1920m.

The trek requires optimal physical conditions, those with tendon and ligament problems, those suffering from vertigo or heart disease, those suffering from respiratory diseases cannot participate.


Tour of the Summit Craters of Etna Details

Adult price (10 years and older):

140.00 per person

Children's price (3-10 years old):

140.00 per person

Departure time: 08:30 hours
Return time: 15:30 hours

Pick-up at your facility


3340 meters asl

Upon request

What's Included in the Etna Summit Craters Tour



€ 160,00 per person

€ 140.00 Children 3-10 years old 

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Etna Summit Craters Excursion

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