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Living Sicily

“Without Sicily you cannot get a complete idea of ​​Italy: this is where the key to everything is found”. Goethe If you think the Sicily is just an island like many others, you are very wrong. Sicily is a world enclosed in 25711 km²! From whatever point you look at it, it always amazes, and is always …

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Stone Jewelry

………Prima, faintly, mid-morning. Then, in the very early afternoon, the rumble of a tremendous tremor, with a magnitude today measured in 7.4 degrees. According to the currently most widely accepted thesis, the epicenter is off the coast between Augusta and Catania, about 20 kilometers deep along the Hyblean-Maltese escarpment. People on land, terrified, flee to …

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The daily life of people living on the slopes of Etna

In the feeling of those who inhabit the Etnean countries.he volcano has something domestic, something familiar, wrote the author of ll giorno della civetnta, A ciascuno il suo and Todo modo, “fallen myths, Etna stands like an immense house cat that quietly hums and now and then wakes up, yawns, with lazy lenteza stretches and, …

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Etna Alcantara from giardini naxos

A fantastic day among the volcanoes of Etna the Alcantara gorges departing from Giardini Excursion Etna and Alcantara Gorges from Mascali With this full-day Etna and Alcantara Gorges excursion departing from Giardini, Dream Island will introduce two wonderful and unique landscapes of Sicily. Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, …

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