Living Sicily

“To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything”. Goethe

If you think that Sicily is only an island like many others, you’re wrong. Sicily is a world enclosed in 25711 km²! From any point you look at her, she always amazes, and is always able to involve all five senses.

It is a combination of landscapes that will give you exceptional experiences. You will only have to choose between sea, mountains, lakes, rivers and nature parks.

Crossroads of countless peoples, cultures and civilizations, full of  history, art, and unique villages to discover; and it doesn’t matter that you stay three days or three weeks, Sicily will leave you a unique and indelible memory.

The food then, you’ll never forget it! And when you will be back home, you can try to recreate the dishes tasted and find the typical products. In the meantime, we will make you real chef for a day.

Starting from breakfast with the classic “granita e briosce” you will arrive at lunch, not without tasting a “cannolo di ricotta”. From fish dishes like “spaghetti allo scoglio” to the “caponata” of vegetables, passing through the “parmigiana” and the “arancini” your diet will suffer a pretty big blow!

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